28 yr old Woman Attacks 12 yr old girl for Sharing a...

28 yr old Woman Attacks 12 yr old girl for Sharing a Slim Jim with Her Boyfriend


Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania:
On May 28th, 12 yr old Presley Keeney (pictured below) was standing outside a convenience store eating a Slim Jim, waiting on her Dad to complete his purchase inside of the store. When a lame approached her with the weakest pickup line in history “Can I have a piece of that?” Keeney being so innocent minded assumed the guy was hungry so she went into her bag and handed him an extra Slim Jim she had purchased. Up comes running the mans girlfriend, Marlene Uravage. She snapped. “Oh Yeaaaah!” *Randy Savage voice* The 28 yr old pushes her man as he runs off and then turns to Keeney and throws her to the ground with such force that her hat fell off of her head.


The pair fled the scene before the Dad could get to them. After surveillance was released on the news, Uravage was later identified by her own brother. However, she still hasn’t been apprehended. She faces charges for harassment.

All of this over some beef jerky? What grown woman gets jealous over a 12 yr old anyways? Bruhhh. This chick deserves to be roasted.

Photo Credits: Facebook/WBRE

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