Comedian Attacked On Stage By Angry Heckler (VIDEO)

Comedian Attacked On Stage By Angry Heckler (VIDEO)


South Carolina- Comedian Steve Brown was on stage doing his set in Chuckles Comedy House when he was attacked by a man in the audience. It is unclear exactly what set the man off. The woman who caught the whole incident on her cellphone says the incident began when Brown asked the man what was wrong with him….apparently he looked “grumpy”. According to the comedian, after he asked the gentleman what was wrong with him, he started arguing with his girlfriend and he slapped her, slammed another woman who appeared to be his mom and then got up on stage where the attack began.

The attacker, Marvin Toatley, 28, came up on stage swinging punches. He wasn’t landing anything. As the attack is going on, Brown says he told Toatley that once he gets tired he’s gonna knock Toatley out. This must’ve infuriated the man further. Toatley picked up the mic stand and began swinging. The bottom of the stand broke away into the audience. Brown is dodging and weaving in the video pretty good. Eventually the rest of the mic flies out of Toatley’s hand and he picks up a nearby stool and throws it and it makes contact with Brown. Finally, two men intervene to break up the fight and Toatley is taken off stage saying “Get off me, get off me!” He soon comes back to the stage shirtless but is guided back away. The confrontation is officially over. Below is another angle of the incident.

Brown went to Instagram to show off his battle wound. He had a deep cut on his arm from the attack.

It was surprising that no one, not even security, intervened immediately. This went on for way too long in my opinion. According to Brown, security stood at the side of the stage and just watched. Everyone knows that if you sit in the front row of a comedy show, you risk the chance of getting roasted. It’s that simple. Toatley reportedly felt he was being “picked on”. Be forreal dude. Wtf. Bruh, if you can’t take a joke get out of the comedy club. *side eye*

Toatley faces three counts of assault and battery. Two of those from other clubgoers who were assaulted by flying objects he was swinging and one from Brown. Each count carries a 20 year sentence if he is convicted. Toatley is being held on bail of $65,000.

Photo Source: Richland County, Instagram

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