Dog Rescued From Grips Of Venomous Snake

Dog Rescued From Grips Of Venomous Snake


An intense scene as a group of men rescue a dog from the grips of a venomous snake. It begins with the snake balled up around the dog so the group starts with trying to unravel the snake using sticks. Once they managed to unball the snake, the dog is visible. One of the men is stepping on the dogs legs to hold it cautiously as to not get too close to the snake while two other man yanks the snake end away from the dog! All the while another dog is close by barking. The dog is almost free, the snake still has it’s tail. It’s almost like it’s giving birth by force. Almost. Almost. Finally, the dog is completely free. The snake slithers away as everyone makes sure to keep their distance. So much bravery and selflessness.


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