Father To Three Victims Of Sexual Abuse By Larry Nassar Lunges At...

Father To Three Victims Of Sexual Abuse By Larry Nassar Lunges At Him In Court (RAW VIDEO)


The father of 3 daughters that were sexually abused by disgraced former sports doctor, Larry Nassar, took his chance at vigilante justice inside of the Easton County courtroom. Two daughters made their victim impact statements. After, Randall Margraves, the distraught father, asked the judge is she would grant him 5 minutes alone in a room with the “demon” (defendant). You can hear some laughter in the courtroom, the type of laugh in agreeance..he continues on and asks for just 1 minute? then he took his opportunity after the judge basically said no. You could hear cries from his daughter and other onlookers. It was a very intense and a heartbreaking scene. He lunged at Nassar but didn’t get to him. He was tackled by courtroom security and arrested. Margraves continued on saying “I want(ed) that son of a b*tch!” The officers are heard trying to calm him down in a very consolable manner as they cuff him. “Relax. Take it easy buddy.”

Thankfully, Margraves will not face any charges or fines. He did apologize to the judge (in which she accepted), officers and everyone in the courtroom. “I came here to support my daughters, I knew they were going to read a statement, I did not know what was in it, they would not let me see it ahead of time. I’ve got to hear that and have Larry Nassar shaking his head no, like it didn’t happen,”

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