Hurt Bae Part Two?!? One Year Later

Hurt Bae Part Two?!? One Year Later


Well looky here…round 2 of “Hurt Bae.” The viral video of the couple discussing their failed relationship due to infidelities. The guy, Leonard, was basically the villain and received alot of backlash from the video for religiously cheating on Kourtney aka Hurt Bae without a care in the world. You would think this new video would be him redeeming himself but nope! He starts off the video saying he’s glad they did the original video then later on in the video, he says he’s not happy they did the video because he was villainized. This dude is a Class A narcissistic sociopath scumbag. Confusion is their tactic. He reveals some “new” information that he never mentioned in their first video but my conclusion is he was clearly just trying to hurt her more as that’s what gives his life any type of feeling. The best way to move on with these type of people is no contact. I mean wtf do you need to keep communicating with an ex especially a toxic one anyways? Move on. She is clearly delusional saying this dude is not a bad person. That’s irrelevant sis, he never loved you. That should be your only point of focus. Kourtney says she is happy in a new relationship so why even bother communicating with this clown? Its like she still needs some form of approval from him to move forward. I don’t get it. Do you guys stay in touch with toxic/exes? If so, for what?

For anyone living under a rock, here is part one of “Hurt Bae”


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