Lottery Winners Secret and Greed Costs Her To Lose Everything

Lottery Winners Secret and Greed Costs Her To Lose Everything


Picture this. Denise Rossi, a California native, happily married for 25 years. She even happily shared an electric toothbrush with her husband, Thomas Rossi. *barfs* They were literally inseparable, homebodies if you will. Well one day Denise came home and demanded a divorce and she wanted it in a hurry. Turns out 11 days prior, she along with 5 other coworkers hit a 6.6 million dollar jackpot and she wasn’t trying to share it with her hubby.

As fate would have it, roughly 2 years later, the good ole Post Office delivered one of her lottery solicitation type mail to her ex husbands home. That is how he learned of her secret jackpot winnings and immediately took legal action. Long story short, instead of the half Mr. Rossi was entitled to based on joint assets, the judge granted that he get the full jackpot totaling $1.3 million.

Had it not been for Mrs. Rossi’s greed, she would have at least half of the winnings. Instead, she has nothing but legal fees. According to Mr. Rossi, if it wasn’t for the lottery him and his wife would still be happily married. In short……..Congratulations, you played yaself Denise! Roast her please.


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