Pizza Manager Brutally Assaults Women That Wanted To Use Restroom (Video)

Pizza Manager Brutally Assaults Women That Wanted To Use Restroom (Video)


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- A video has gone viral of a man brutally beating a woman inside of a Pizza Milano shop. Reportedly the woman, Jade Martin, 34, was refused by the store manager, Mahmut Yilmaz, 41, to use the establishments restroom. The confrontation quickly turned physical. It appears that Yilmaz headbutted Martin. The manager seemed to have snapped as he was choking and repeatedly smashing the womans head into the ground repeatedly saying “I said please! I said please! Why you not listen to me?!”

Protesters gathered in front of the Pizza Milano establishment demanding justice for Ms. Martin as no arrests were made at that time. Yalmiz was later arrested and fired after the store owner, Semsi Yilmaz, reviewed the viral video. According to their spokesperson, the two aren’t related although they share the same last name.

This dude sounds like a classic woman beater. Smh. Instead of calling authorities to handle the situation he felt like his actions were ok. He reportedly says he didn’t think he hurt the woman. Yilmaz tells investigators that he slipped as he was trying to get Martin out of the pizza shop and his head may have made contact with hers and that he was shaking her on the floor but wasn’t aware that her head was making contact with the ground. Bruh, the video speaks for itself. Jade suffered a concussion and has a large bruise on her forehead according to her lawyers. I think that’s a pretty big deal buddy.

Yilmaz court date is set for January 25 where he faces charges of one count of simple assault and one aggravated assault charge. Martin is also facing charges for defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct. She is due in court some time in February.


Photo Source: WPXI-TV, Youtube

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