Teen Shot Dead For His $220 Air Jordans

Teen Shot Dead For His $220 Air Jordans


Washington- Seventeen year old James Anthony Smith received his Christmas gift early from his mom, a pair of $220 Air Jordans, the only gift he really wanted. The Ballou High School sophomore had the sneakers for a total of 4 days before he was killed. The deadly incident occurred shortly before 6pm at an outside basketball court at a community center on Monday. After the teen was shot, he ran about a block before he collapsed. He was later found shoeless. James died two hours later at a hospital.

This is truly a heartbreaking story. Due to this senseless killing a family will spend the holidays mourning the loss of a good kid. He is survived by his mom, older brother and step father whom he lived with. It has been a while since someone was killed over designer item. I hope this nonsense isn’t making a comeback. James’ mom said she gave her son his Christmas gift early “because he asked and he’s a good kid.”

There is an ongoing investigation. No arrests have been made.

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