White Customer Gets Off Easy In Chilliwack Nail Salon F*ght

White Customer Gets Off Easy In Chilliwack Nail Salon F*ght


A “f*ght” erupts in a Chilliwack nail salon between Ashley Deshaies, 26, and HD Nails salon workers. In the video, Deshaies is trying to leave the salon but is being blocked. Also, the door is locked. Locking the door is routine practice in cases I have seen in the U.S., however, this incident happened in Canada so who knows but Google. The bill was $77 and the patron was offering to pay 50% so she could leave and allegedly go get it redone elsewhere. The salon wanted full payment. Patron says she asked the owner/nail tech to fix the issue. The nail tech called BS and yelled back that the patron was lying and the she fixed the issue. “When I asked you to fix my nails, you would not fix my nails. They’re all different lengths, you guys didn’t even finish my toes. It looks horrible.” Several attempts were made to get out. Soon two men (one being her stepfather) arrive outside of the salon trying to gain entry. They informed them that they were not going to unlock the door until the police came.

Once the officer arrived on scene, he ordered the patron to pay $23. Now this is the part that I don’t understand. How was this lady not arrested because she was clearly the one doing the assaulting and how the hell does she only pay $23 when she clearly said she would pay half?? Her family had the nerve to be complaining about the arriving officer threatening to arrest her and not hearing her side of the story. Bruh, really?! Honestly, she got off good. Compared to the Brooklyn Red Apple Nail Salon Attack over $5!!! The whole incident was weird AF. Imagine attacking people but you’re the one yelling like you’re being attacked LOL. WTF smh. Where the do that at? Oy!

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